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The #1 Secret to Success

You probably know the answer already. It’s simple..not necessarily easy but definitely simple. The answer is you.

Wherever you are in your life, in your business, it’s all because of you. You and the decisions you made along the way. The decisions you made when everything was going great and the decisions you made when things didn’t look so great.

Money rolling in and your comfort level with the business is beyond great. You make certain decisions. Maybe you make a decision to not follow up with new prospects, maybe you start spending more money than you should, maybe you stop paying attention to all the details in your business, or maybe you decide to expand when you really shouldn’t.

Or obstacles came looming toward you. The phone battery went dead; the wrong email went out to clients, you got up late and arrived late for a meeting. Some obstacles can be life changing and even catastrophic. Hurricanes come and go but some homes are destroyed or damaged, people get sick and suffer, the breadwinner of the family loses a good job, you didn’t get the bank loan for your business. We all can add something to the list of things that make us feel stressed or depressed or overwhelmed, or tired, or something.

There are lots of gurus out there with solutions and books and videos on youtube about things going wrong, encountering obstacles in your business and how you can fix it, rise above it, conquer it, conquer it.

I googled “books to help you get out of a funk” and the response featured 19,000,000 results. Only 767,000 to get over the obstacles you encounter as an entrepreneur. No, I didn’t read them all but I read a few and they all say the same thing with somewhat different language. It’s sorta, kinda, like the eat healthy and exercise industry. We all know what to do. It’s simple but not necessarily easy.

One thing I suggest is to embrace where you are. There is a lot of truth in the saying: “What you resist persists.” Acknowledge your obstacle and embrace it. Don’t let an obstacle have control over you. Identify the emotions that you connected to it. Sometimes if you switch gears and come back to it…it’s usually better. I call a friend I know who we always manage to laugh about our issues and get off the phone much better than when I got on the phone. The issue is still there but not so daunting. Or I’ll call a fellow entrepreneur and talk about how everything that could go wrong did go wrong. Or I’ll get help from someone…technology is my nemesis. Yes, I get totally frustrated and I always ask for help.

Find out what works for you. Sometimes it could be taking a break and getting a massage, writing about it (journalling doesn’t work for me but it does for many), meditating. Sometimes it just takes a pint of vanilla ice cream for me OR yes sometimes it’s eating healthy and exercising. It could be a vacation is in order, or simply going for a walk.

Finally, it’s important to remember that obstacles are a part of life and it’s the meaning you attach to it that makes the difference. Obstacles come and go. Good things come and go. Everything is cyclical. And it’s up to you how you handle them both!

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