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6 Fundamentals for Career Transition Plan B

From 0 to 10, ten being the best, how prepared are you if you lose your job?

You might say, “Oh, that will never happen to me.”

I wouldn’t put my money down on that. Why not? One reason is that 68% of Americans know someone who has lost their job. Even more Americans still feel that it’s not the best of times to look for and get a job. Hence, you need that Plan B.

Do you have a Plan B? An alternative plan that’s ready to be put into action? An exit strategy, if you will.

If you don’t, you should. I don’t like using the should word but in this case I believe it is necessary. You should have a Plan B, a back up plan, something to fall back on, something that gives you time to regroup.

Having a Plan B is something you should have even if it’s just to give you comfort. It’s like someone having your back and protecting you from anything bad that might happen. A Plan B is a health protector. Too many people have so much stress when they lose their jobs that it affects their health. Some reports show an increase in heart attacks due to the stress of losing a job.

What should you include in your Plan B?

1.  Save your money.     Have enough money to pay your bills for at least a year. Some people say three months and others six months but I’m much more comfortable in this market having money saved for a year.

2.  Networking plan for now and always.     Do not wait until you think you are going to look for another job to network. Networking should be part of your every day schedule. Why? You are building relationships that will provide support and remember that over 85% of new jobs are found through knowing someone. Include all aspects of networking:  Person to person, conferences, social media to name a few.

3.  Improve your skills.     Or put another way, never stop learning. Make sure you are on top of what is happening in your industry and in social media and how they affect each other.

4.  Take care of yourself.     Eat right, exercise, feed your brain and your spirituality. You don’t have to spend a lot of money…eat healthy, walk, run, read articles and books that inspire you and challenge you. Spend some time reflecting and meditating. Feel like a kid again!

5.   Do something different.     Get rid of your television…you’ll save on your electric bill. Volunteer for a cause. Sing karaoke. or at least listen to music. Be silly. Try yoga.

 6.  Know yourself and keep learning about yourself.     The more you know yourself the better you’ll know what to do. What are the things you like? Your interests? Your go to things to do? Take some career tests. You can find them online for free. Myers-Briggs and other personality tests give an insight to what types of careers are a fit for you.

Keep you Plan B moving and at the same time give your all for your Plan A. If Plan A falls apart you can always fall back on Plan B.

Do you have a Plan B? What are some things you have in your Plan B?



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