Pattie Rydlun

Ten years ago, Pattie Rydlun followed her passion and gave up a career as a corporate executive. She desired a more fulfilling life as an entrepreneur and business owner. Pattie is now a keynote speaker and business coach based in Wilmington, North Carolina. She uses her personal experiences to change clients’ attitudes from no to know how. Her many career transitions taught her how to use her dynamic work experiences as a platform for helping others.

Pattie is a doer.

Right out of college, she got her first job as a teacher. She’s held many positions since then, ranging from bartender, travel agent, real estate agent, and president of a multi-million dollar business. However, Pattie never stopped being an educator. She also never turns down the opportunity to gain experience or develop skills in other areas.

After 9/11, Pattie left downtown Manhattan for Boston, where she took an editorial position in educational publishing. It was then that her desire to mentor others was piqued. She breathed life into the career goals of staff members and employees and became passionate about helping others succeed.

Pattie is an entrepreneur.

Pattie became so passionate about helping others reach their dreams that she left her job at a $20 million company to do it full time. She expanded her business to other professionals, entrepreneurs, and small business owners looking to invest in success.

Take it from someone who has unlocked personal success while growing a business and serving others. When you’re ready to move from frustrated to freedom, let show you the way.

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