Pattie’s expertise lies in helping you grow your business, develop a plan of action, be a leader, and serve others.

1 on 1 Coaching

Every business is different, and no two goals are alike. When a group workshop or seminar is just not enough to address your specific concerns, 1-on-1 Business Coaching is the next best step.

With this service, Pattie takes a personalized approach to helping you reach your goals. Together, you’ll create new systems to tackle your challenges and succeed. You’ll  also learn new strategies to increase your profitability and be held accountable for hitting your milestones.

VIP Coaching

Do you have very important people at your organization that would benefit from a small group meeting with Pattie? Or are you and your business partners looking for an intense coaching session that will help you discover the underlying opportunities for your business? Then you may be in need of a VIP session with Pattie Rydlun.
VIP sessions provide a more intimate and intensive way to discuss topics like how to grow a business, develop a plan of action, or how to be a good leader and serve others.  Pattie works with you to get to the what and the why of  your business. She will be a motivator, a reassurer, and a teacher, regardless of the challenges ahead. If you’re seeking opportunity in business, then you need to call Pattie.

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Group Coaching

Whatever the goal, Group Coaching with Pattie Rydlun is the perfect opportunity to achieve those efforts. This service isn’t just about helping your employees; it’s about getting your team on the same page, improving morale and strengthening your business.  This professional development tool encourages the entire staff to set individual goals that influence the overall strategic plan for the business.

Build a team of leaders that serves others while growing your business. Find out how Group Coaching can be the extra boost of productivity you need in the workplace by calling Pattie today.

1-on-1 Business Coaching

  • Free consultation
  • • A regularly scheduled meeting every two weeks

A VIP Coaching Session

  • An in-person meeting with up to 3 people
  • •Working hours of 10:0 am – 3:00 pm, plus a lunch break
  • •Client chooses the topic

Group Coaching

  • On- or offsite meeting with Pattie
  • •Topics on sales, marketing, team building, leadership, or another of the client’s choice
  • •Personalized guidance that encourages employees and helps them appreciate their value

Contact Pattie Rydlun to take the first step to success.

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