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Credibility & Credit

If you want to run your business successfully you need both credibility and good credit. If one is missing or lacking…it’s a problem.

Simply put, you need to have the money and the smarts to start a business, stay in business, and be a success in business.

You need good credit. Are you a fiscally responsible person? You need money to start a business or to grow a business.What’s your credit score? Do you have a good reputation paying your bills, making timely payments on existing loans, and paying your employees? Do you have financial assets/collateral to secure a loan and or repay debts? Two things to secure even before you open your door for business:  business card and a business line of credit.

Transfer personal money skills to your business:

  • Spend wisely
  • Keep track of your numbers
  • Pay your bills on time

Safeguard your credibility personally and in business. Be the entrepreneur who keeps her word. Be the business owner who has an excellent reputation for getting things done and getting them done right. Be the person who is known for taking care of customers and taking care of employees.

Credibility is the trust that people give you because of your knowledge and the example you set that represents your knowledge. They trust that your service will be outstanding. They trust that your product or service is of the highest quality. They trust that you deliver what you claim to deliver. Honesty and sincerity and confidence can carry through tough days where everything that can go wrong goes wrong—from the wrong delivery at a restaurant to missing a call with a client.

Safeguard your credibility and your credit and you are on your way to success!

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