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Pattie Rydlun is an experienced motivational speaker who empowers small businesses and entrepreneurs to be dreamers and doers. With engaging and interactive sessions, audiences leave Pattie’s sessions with the ideas, confidence, and skills needed to grow their business and invest in their success.

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Signature Seminar: Work Smarter. . . Not Harder

For an entrepreneur, there are never enough hours in the day. Finding time and making the best of your time are often the biggest challenges for small business owners. However in this informative seminar, Pattie will teach you the essentials to run a business that help you make more money rather than worry about making more time. Pattie will show you how following sound business principles can result in an easier workflow, greater efficiency and powerful results.

Take the Work out of NetWORKing

Networking is your best opportunity to tell people what you do, but so many shy away from it. Guess what? Networking doesn’t have to be scary. Go from hiding to lighting up the room with this motivational keynote address. In this fun, interactive seminar, Pattie instills the audience with the confidence of a dreamer and the skillset of a doer. Leave behind the fears and limiting beliefs you have about networking. Instead, develop a powerful and concise message while implementing Pattie’s five qualities of great networkers into your personal plan of action. Take the work out of networking and start getting results today.

Changing Obstacles into Opportunities

Obstacles either slow you or grow you. Is there a situation that’s preventing you or your business from acting on your dreams? Is it fear, criticism, or perfectionism? It’s time to turn those obstacles into opportunities. This keynote address unveils Pattie’s seven powerful steps that teach entrepreneurs how to identify hurdles and how to get over them. Stagnation only turns to growth when you take action. So, start changing obstacles into opportunities today.

Customize a keynote speech for your event

Workplace challenges are diversified across industries, jobs, and people. Pattie Rydlun is a keynote speaker that uses her varied work experience to transcend those divisions in her keynote addresses. Effective speakers use their own experiences to relate to the audience. So, no matter the topic, Pattie Rydlun is right for your event.

Outside her authored keynote speeches, Pattie works with clients to design an interactive message that ignites audiences and elevates events. Client-driven, personalized keynotes are specific to your needs and tailored for your intimate daytime meeting or conference.

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Topics can include

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  • Or another topic of your choice

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