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Pattie Rydlun has coached, mentored, and developed people into effective and impactful leaders throughout her career – whether it was a student, colleague, or client. She’s an expert at finding opportunities for career advancement, personal and professional goals, or starting a new business adventure. The key to Pattie’s success is her firm belief in following four principles for leadership: Loyalty, Excellence, Accountability and Decisiveness.

Those principles are the foundation to her acclaimed Work Smarter, Not Harder workshop, where she explores the importance of focus, integrity, authenticity, vision and innovation.

Explore your leadership potential with this motivating and captivating seminar. From a 30-minute speech to a 3 or 4-day workshop series, Pattie can accommodate your organization’s needs.

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Pattie will develop confident leaders, capable of steering all businesses, large and small, down the road to success. From aspiring leaders, to current executives, or entrepreneurs, Pattie coaches professionals who are:

Senior level
Mid level
Entry level

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