Taking the stage is no laughing matter. In fact, many have complete stage fright when it comes to speaking in front of an audience. Let Pattie show you how to present yourself and share your voice with the world.

Whether you’re struggling to speak in front of a big audience or present your idea to the executive board of your company, you’ll always be prepared with Pattie Rydlun’s coaching. Pattie can address your needs individually or offer her services in either a keynote or workshop capacity for larger groups:

To take your presentation skills to the next level, Pattie focuses on three important tasks:

  • Prepare
    Learn how to gauge your audience, choose your topic and time your speech.
  • Practice
    This step leads to perfection. Whether you’re practicing in front of a mirror to polish your presentation or rehearsing your gestures, every detail matters and practice makes perfect.
  • Present
    Learn how to fine-tune your environment before you take the stage. You’ll also learn how to warm up your voice, engage in breathing exercises and most, importantly, have fun!